[time-nuts] Problems with TAPR Oncore M12+ kit

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Tue Jul 4 13:02:15 EDT 2017

Chris -

I was not aware that you were having issues with the TAPR Experimenters Kit.
I am finishing a DIY GPS kit build from "assorted parts sources" for Jim Pruitt.
Jim missed purchasing the TAPR kit in May 2017 (sold out before he ordered).
I acquired ($) a Synergy SynPaQ/E carrier board with a dead M12+ receiver.  
Since I happen to have a couple spare Oncore M12+ boards (inventory, working), 
it was just a matter of swapping those receiver boards.
You need to be careful in selection of the GPS antenna, since there are a wide variety on the surplus market: Passive (no pre-amp); Active with different voltage requirements (12, 5, or 3.3 VDC) from GPS receiver.
At the electronics bench, I try to use 5 Volt antennas (or 3.3V that are 5v tolerant) with similar GPS receivers (5V preferred).


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