[time-nuts] GPS Units in Z3801A

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Jul 11 18:27:00 EDT 2017

I have a Z3801A that has lost contact with GPS.  The GPS module is working - 
the list of not-tracking  satellites changes occasionally, but it never 
tracks anything.  I've tried swapping antennas and such but that hasn't 

How often does the front end of the GPS module die?

Will the newer 8 channel modules work in the Z3801A or do I need to locate an 
old 6 channel version?

Is there a tells-all web page or message to this list about GPS modules for 
the Z3801A?  I'd expect one, but I haven't found it.


I noticed that the UTC time from the status page is different from the T2 


The UTC clock seems to have gone crazy.  From the status page:
Tracking: 0        Not Tracking: 6            UTC      06:28:15 [?] 01 Nov 
Tracking: 0        Not Tracking: 6            UTC      06:28:15 [?] 22 Aug 
Tracking: 0        Not Tracking: 6            UTC      06:28:15 [?] 19 Dec 

The T2 time is a day old.  My guess is that it pulled the time it's using for 
T2 from wherever it stores the log slots.

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