[time-nuts] Measuring a TAPR TICC resolution

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 00:05:21 EDT 2017

I recently taught Lady Heather how to calculate real time histograms of the various plots.   

While characterizing the performance of a UCT-8663 DOCXO installed in a HP-53132A counter (using the Gerry Sweeny board),  I enabled the histogram feature and got a nice plot showing the TAPR TICC time interval resolution.  

The TICC was configured for timestamp mode with chA=counter 10 MHz output to a TADD2-mini divider,  chB=5071A 1PPS, TICC clock=5071A 10 MHz.   The TICC time interval resolution is clearly visible... the bin peaks are 54.471 ps apart.
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