[time-nuts] DAC performance [WAS: Papers on timing for lunar laser ranging]

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Jul 16 18:33:59 EDT 2017

On 7/16/2017 1:51 PM, Bob kb8tq wrote:
> Hi
> One gotcha with any ADC or DAC is going to be the reference. There, you are in the same
> “get what you pay for” dilemma. Stable and noisy, can do. Quiet and not very stable, can do.
> Both stable and quiet, not so easy if you want it cheap.
> Noise can also be the sigma delta ADC’s weak point. Even at slow rates, some of them need
> a lot of averages to quiet down.

The reference initially used in the E1938A turned out to be too 
noisy/unstable.  It was non trivial to find an upgrade.  The
HP Smart Clocks of 20 years ago were limited in their performance
by the reference used.

Has there been much improvement in references in the intervening
20 years?

Rick N6RK

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