[time-nuts] WWV 25 MHz antenna switched to circular polarization

Clay Autery cautery at montac.com
Sun Jul 16 20:44:44 EDT 2017

Prop shifted...  I tuned to it before I left for Home Depot at 1600 hrs
CST, and it was strong....  It was GONE by 1830 hrs.

Clay Autery, KY5G
MONTAC Enterprises
(318) 518-1389

On 7/16/2017 6:32 PM, paul swed wrote:
> Not hearing wwv on 25 MHz but 15 is fine. Using a beam and r1051 receiver.
> Maybe its not on for the weekend. Its a 2 KW signal so should be able to
> hear something.
> Regards
> Paul

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