[time-nuts] TAPR GPS Kit end plates

Steve - Home steve-krull at cox.net
Mon Jul 17 16:58:05 EDT 2017

A few weeks ago we wrapped up the end plate project. We had only 1 non-payer in the end, Tom Vojtek K1ADR, who hadn't responded to emails regarding payment so Tom's set and the extra sets of plates we ordered for engineering assessment were spoken for and I've had a few people ask about a second run of plates. 

Jerry, the machinist who deserves the time-nuts Volunteer of the Year award for the time and effort he put into the end plate project, agreed to do a second run of plates. 

I will place another order under the same conditions as the first order:
• Cost based on final quantity ordered. Cost will be higher as the numbers will be smaller so the quantity discount will be less. Plate cost and all shipping, plus PayPal fees, should be paid to me once the final cost is known
• From the above I will pay Jerry for the shipping from him to you so there will only be one PayPal fee
• If we don't have enough orders to meet the required $100 minimum I'll let everyone know and those who missed out will need to find alternate ways to close up the box and mount the connectors. 

I would ask those of you who had contacted me about a second purchase of plates to please contact me again now that the door is open for another order. 



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