[time-nuts] unknown GPSDO

Richard Solomon w1ksz at outlook.com
Mon Jul 17 10:47:22 EDT 2017

The July 1998 QST had an article on a GPSDO he designed.

That may help.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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Subject: [time-nuts] unknown GPSDO

Hello dear fellow time-nuts,

Last weekend I bought a selfmade GPSDO at the fleamarket for a very
adequate price. Now I need some more information about it to operate it.
It seems to work fine, but I don't understand the displayed numbers, the
menu, the lamps, the DIP switches...

Can you help to identify it? I couldn't find it on the internet. Here
are some fotos...

When powering up, the display shows "Brooks Shera GPSVCXO 2014".
Enthough that might give me a clear hint to identify it, I only found
the starting docs from 1998 or so, but not the actual board.

Thanks a lot!


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