[time-nuts] PRS-10 temperature sensitivity (and Lady Heather support)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 19 20:44:07 EDT 2017

I am still getting to know the device.   Heather can calculate a least squares trend line and FFT of any plot (and now also a histogram) but I have not tried to calculate the temperature sensitivity yet.

Heather's temperature control PID will work with any device that reports a temperature.   I don't know how well it will work the the PRS10 since the message polling loop takes 25 seconds to cycle through all the readings.  The TT timetag and FC frequency control values have a high priority and are polled once a second.   I could add the temperature to the high priority values, but that would really increase the time required to update all the values... I'll try that and see what happens.   I could probably only add temperature to the high priority messages if the temp control pid is enabled.


> Have you done a least-square fit to determine the sensitivity?
Have you considered the LH approach to stabilizing it?

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