[time-nuts] OCXO inside the FEI AN/URQ-23

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Tue Jul 25 12:12:25 EDT 2017

Thanks I have 2. Will run some tests. In my opinion ADEV does hide changes in Frequency and we see it when we compare ADEV plots with at the same time frequency measurements. We see it with your plots on the Tbolt. The URQ shows frequency specs 2E-12 most likely ADEVBert

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In the early days of time-nuts the URQ-10, and especially the URQ-23, were highly sought after because of their reported stability. By now they are quite rare. Do you have one?

If it's important I can dig one out from the closet and run tests for you.

> "Question if it is frequency or ADEV".

I'm not sure what you mean. There is no such thing as "frequency" vs. "ADEV".


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> Has any one run tests of the OCXO inside the AN/URQ-23. Data in the manualĀ  
> looks promising. Question if it is frequency or ADEV
> Bert Kehren

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