[time-nuts] Trimble Thunderbolt no longer determines the correct date

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Sat Jul 29 20:30:29 EDT 2017

It happened here too.  It is reporting having the 3.0 firmware.  Right at the time Tom said.  Fortunately I am simply using this unit for PPS and nothing else.



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Caught it. Some Trimble Thunderbolt TBoltmon.exe screen shots attached:

GPS WN 1959 TOW 604799 (July 29, 2017 23:59:41) advanced to GPS WN 936 TOW 0 (December 13, 1997) instead of GPS WN 1960 TOW 0 (July 29, 2017 23:59:42).

1960 - 936 is 1024 weeks, as advertised for this version of the TBolt GPSDO. Note this happened at 23:59:42 UTC as expected (that's GPS midnight - 18 UTC leap seconds). I did not expect the reported 2.75 us 1PPS phase change and will look into that.


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