[time-nuts] PRS10 PRBB Shematics

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 7 13:58:14 EDT 2017

SRS sells the connector.   You might want to make sure you have a tube of ass-lube handy when you check the price...  It's around three times the distribution price.  SRS really should have used a standard D-sub and a couple of SMA connectors.

I considered laying out a PRBB clone, but didn't want to mess with sourcing that damn connector.  I wound uo buying the PRBB and the heatsink (and a tube 'o lube).   Spent more for those than the PRS-10.   The heatsink they ship now does not seem to be nearly as good as the older one.  Also be aware that the SRS ordering page is not HTTPS and your credit card info is sent in plain text...  you might want to order over the phone.

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