[time-nuts] Phase Noise Modeling in SPICE

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Eric has done a lot of excellent work, I know his presentations . While I do no always agree with the ADS approach and use my own software the ADS is a very good all-round CAD microwave CAD tool. More on the topic addressed you will find under 

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 I have done a lot of phase noise modeling using LT SPICE over the years for PLL’s. It will not model the phase noise of the individual devices like VCO’s, dividers, phase detectors. You can input the phase noise profiles of the various devices and it will give the output phase noise of the loop using AC analysis. If you want to model the phase noise of a VCO at the transistor level, you need a harmonic balance program that supports VCO noise modeling. It is very difficult to module the phase noise of dividers, at the transistor level but it can be done. I did a presentation a few years ago at the European Microwave Conference on using CAE to model phase noise in PLL’s. 


Eric Drucker

Agilent (Keysight) Technologies, Retired

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