[time-nuts] NEO-7M various modes

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 28 18:12:28 EDT 2017

I've got 4 NEO-7M-C modules hooked up to 7 beaglebone greens, side by 
side, and they're not behaving the same..

I've got gpsd running, and I'm looking at the output of cgps and/or 
gpsmon, as well as ppstest

Some emit NMEA sentences, others binary (ublox?) strings?

Some get a fix and start toggling the 1pps line, others don't.

Is there some command string one can send to them to put them into a 
known state (cold reset?) - the one that's working the best (I.e. has a 
fix AND toggles 1pps) seems to be putting out binary strings (when 
viewed with gpsmon).

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