[time-nuts] HP 54501A digitizing O’scope FS

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 2 23:01:28 EST 2018


I have a HP 54501A 100MHz digitizing o’scope 

Two  probes (notoriginal) 

1ea  HP 54501ADigitizing O’scop Front panel Operation Reference

1ea  HP 54501ADigitizing O’scope Programming Reference

Screen is razor sharp. When first turned on a message shows in small type “cal ram checksumerror. Re-cal instrument”.  When thedigital dial is rotated, it disappears. I’m selling this as I will be moving inthe spring.

$240  plus shippingfrom 92220.

If interested please send me an ORIGINAL email because ifyou use the hyperlink on the address Yahoophoey will stack it up with otheremails which becomes a PITA to sort out.



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