[time-nuts] HP 105B: Modern replacement for NiCad battery pack?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Fri Jan 5 13:47:56 EST 2018

Hi Ulf:

There's another problem with switching to Ni-MH and that's related to the heat generated when charging them.  You can 
charge Ni-Cad batteries without monitoring the pack temperature, but with Ni-MH cells you must monitor the pack 
temperature.  I would suggest avoiding the Ni-MH option.  Either:
1. Just use modern Ni-Cad cells, no memory and much higher capacity, no change to the charger, or . .
2. Update to one of the Li-xxx chemistries with a totally new charger.  These batteries have much lower self discharge 
rates and higher energy density.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

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> Gentlemen,
> I may have asked this question before...
> I am looking for a modern replacement for the NiCadbattery pack used in the HP 105B. One such 105that I salvaged have been standing on a shelf with thebatteries "happily boiling away".
> So, what kind of chemistry would be possible to usewithout to much re-design of the charging circuitry?
> Ulf Kylenfall
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