[time-nuts] Identify RFTGM-II-XO Part

Bob kb8tq kb8tq at n1k.org
Wed Jan 10 09:44:54 EST 2018


I would second Paul’s input. Is the unit actually working at the moment? Some
of the circuits in these gizmos *do* run pretty hot in normal operation. 

If there is a problem with that device, before I paid $67 for the replacement part
(or anything close to that) I probably would convert it all to 10 MHz out. The whole
“15 MHz” thing made sense to Lucent. It does not make a lot of sense to anybody
who is not making CDMA base stations. 


> On Jan 10, 2018, at 9:21 AM, paul swed <paulswedb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Pat
> Here is my thought. Everything may be just fine actually. This looks like
> the same approach used on older technology even the transistor. Its job is
> to run class AB1 and boost the signal to something like +27 dbm. Lots of
> power.
> The reason is these then typically drive a passive 8 or 16 way splitter to
> drive the various systems in the cel tower..
> Regards
> Paul.
> On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 12:33 AM, Patrick Murphy <fgdhrtey at gmail.com> wrote:
>> My recently purchased RFTGm-II-XO threw a fault today. When I opened it,
>> the unmistakable smell of something way too hot was released. I guess this
>> is one bad aspect of the totally sealed enclosures these come in. Anyway,
>> when I plugged it in while open, I found U105, the microwave transistor
>> about centered in the attached photo was getting way too hot. It appears to
>> be an unmarked microwave transistor, probably part of the 15MHz output
>> circuit. VR101 - a 7815 on the far right is also getting pretty hot. I
>> expect the two are connected.
>> Anyone have an idea of what the nomenclature for U105 is? Replacing it may
>> be a pipe dream, but knowing its name will be a good first step.
>> Thanks for any assist.
>> -Pat
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