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I can't stress enough how important Loomis was to the history of precise timekeeping in early radio, telephone, pendulum clock, quartz oscillator era. And for those of us who still have Loran-C receivers can thank him (Loomis Radio Navigation -> LRN -> Loran).

So I highly recommend the 2003 book "Tuxedo Park" by Jennet Conant:

Our kind of guy. In the "Palace of Science" chapter she writes: Loomis would remain a "time nut" for the rest of his life, according to Luis Alvarez, who recalled that Loomis always wore "two Accutrons--one on his right wrist and one on his left wrist." He would check them every day against WWV (the standard frequency broadcasting station of the National Bureau of Standards), and if one was gaining a half second on the other, he would wear it on the outside of his wrist instead of the inside, so that gravity changed the rate of the tuning fork and the two watches tracked each other, and WWV, "to within less than a second a day."

Some other Loomis links of interest:


And the clever way to do time transfer and compare precision clocks to 1 ms in the 1930's...


Also the classic "The Evolution of the Quartz Crystal Clock" by Warren A. Marrison:

via https://ieee-uffc.org/about-us/history/uffc-s-history/
and original at https://archive.org/details/bstj27-3-510

If someone knows how to record any time/clock/navigation parts of PBS show for non-US viewers let me know, off-list.


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> (Sorry for the clutter to those of you outside the US.)
> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/secret-tuxedo-park/
> Two of the shorts mentions time.
> Many thanks for the Tuxedo Park book suggestion many years ago.
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