[time-nuts] CSAC purchase

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
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What exactly motivated specifically CSAC for you?

There might be other cheaper alternatives to your problem.

For me CSAC solves a problem within very specific set of parameters,
where low powerconsumption is one of them. Depending on the actual
details of the application a TCXO might be a better choice, or even some

It's not that I want to deny you the fun of toying with CSAC, I have
three myself, but if you don't really need what it is good for, other
choices might be better. Also, the one place for such advice is for sure
this email list where a lot of experience is gathered and ready to share.


On 01/22/2018 12:09 AM, Ronald Held wrote:
> Thanks for all the information. Have not kept up with the price, but
> ~$6K  is too much to afford right now  By the time I can I hope it
> doesn't go up .
>     Ronald
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> On 1/20/18 5:05 PM, Ronald Held wrote:
>> I am thinking of buying a CSAC plus evaluation board.
>> Eventually I might want to make it portable. Any suggestions including
>> where to buy it?
> MicroSemi is the manufacturer - Find a distributor and order it.
> For instance, Digikey has the CSAC ($5312.50) and the eval board ($928.75)
> portable isn't a problem - just run it off batteries.
> It's pretty easy to hook up - power, 1pps in and out and 10 MHz out
> (they have versions that put out 5, 10.24, and 16.384 MHz too).
> A serial port to control the device
> The eval board has SMA connectors, a sub-d for the serial port, and
> comes with a wall wart to run it.
> Download the Microsemi CSAC UserGuide for more info
> you can fool with the disciplining algorithm, etc.
> It's a low power device compared to a OCXO (<120mW)
> They're a pretty nifty device, even if the price more than tripled in
> the last couple years.
> Jackson Labs makes some integrated systems using CSAC, I believe.
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