[time-nuts] RE CSAC Project(was CSAC purchase)

Ronald Held ronaldheld at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 15:36:05 EST 2018

  What is you idea of portable in terms of size and mass for RbXO?
   I suppose I am try to do "better' and my TCXO watches which at best
run around a second/year.

    OCXO and TCXO are both available smaller than the CSAC (particularly
 tcxo).  I'm using a vectron EX-421 OCXO and it's about 1cm on a side,
 the OX205 is about 1" square and maybe 0.60" tall.

 TCXOs are available in "cellphone" form factors (e.g. tiny SMT packages)

  Long term, maybe a year, sounds like a reasonable goal. Maybe I am
just chasing the next zero, if I have the metaphor correct?


 I’m guessing there was a question to me that somehow got lost in the world of
 ones and zeros ….

My comment was in terms of temperature stability. The CSAC has a temp stability
 specification of +/-4x10^-10 over -10 to +70C. There are TCXO’s that
will get below
 5x10^-9 over that range and use far less power. There are OCXO’s that will get
 to better temperature stability numbers over that range.  Neither one
will do the long
 term aging that a Rb will.


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