[time-nuts] Slightly OT: interest in a four-output, ultra-low jitter, synthesizer block?

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 25 15:44:06 EST 2018

On 1/25/18 12:12 PM, wb6bnq wrote:
> Hi John,
> Thanks for the response.  Here is my 2 cents:
> Well, due to the level of difficulty in chip mounting, I would prefer to 
> see a complete project. I.E., power supply for a single input of 12 
> volts and regulators the necessary chip values, proper input protection 
> for the 10 MHz input level and single ended outputs of the appropriate 
> levels (I am assuming more than 3 volts) or an amplifier stage for 
> arriving at such.  Equally have RF connectors (SMA would be good) on the 
> board perhaps.

The eval board for $200 might be a solution for that need: SMA 
connectors all around, runs off 5V from USB.

> Of course as cheap as possible, hi hi.

Oh, well, $200 might be cheaper than cobbling together 
packaged/connectorized parts though.

   A carrier board arrangement
> would be useless to me.  My application would be to provide signals for 
> things like my Quicksilver SDR receiver, among other uses.
> If you are interested, I can show you a nice little ABS (I think) box 
> that has EMI built-in that I used for a project that should be more than 
> large enough for your needs.
> Than

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