[time-nuts] CSAC Project(was CSAC purchase)

Ronald Held ronaldheld at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 18:28:20 EST 2018

   No need to order in the spring or fall anymore?   Looking forward
to your data.

no kidding - there's a well known issue when MicroSemi took over
building CSACs from Symmetricom, these things (like many precision
timing widgets) have a "recipe" and it's easy to "lose the recipe" or
find that there's unexpected and unknown components to the recipe.

Take a look at data sheet revs for the CSAC.. full temp range, then all
of a sudden around rev G or H, temperature range is quoted at 0-35C
operating, *0-40C non-op*.  I asked the sales rep if they ship them with
icepacks in styrofoam like mail order cheese in the summer - that UPS
truck gets way over 40C inside.

As always, this was discussed on the list and is in the archives.

That being said, I have no complaints about Microsemi being forthcoming

about the issue and helping us to understand the nature of the problem.
And they claim to have fixed the problem.

Hopefully, this summer, I'll have some data from a "narrow temp range"
CSAC against GPS 1pps in an environment where there's no gravitational
effects, and fairly small temperature fluctuations.

   Maybe I benefited a little by not buying a few years ago?

Just to be clear, the current data sheet has the temperature range back to
-10 to +70C. They most certainly had a major headache on their hands for
several years straightening things out. I have not seen any complaints about
the “new” (post rework) version of the part.



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