[time-nuts] Microsemi 3120A sold on eBay

Julien Goodwin time-nuts at studio442.com.au
Sun Jan 28 17:25:51 EST 2018

On 28/01/18 09:38, John Miles wrote:
> So, who's the lucky winner?  Anyone on here?  That's the first one of these
> I've seen in the "secondary market," so to speak.
> https://www.ebay.com/itm/332531180078

While we're at it, whoever picked up the SGC-1500 from the same
seller[1], if it actually boots I'd be interested in talking to see if
the one I picked up a while back can be recovered.

Given that Microsemi discontinued them back in 2013[2] I doubt much will
come from them.



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