[time-nuts] GLONASS receiver

Miguel Gonçalves m at mbg.pt
Sun Aug 5 21:36:24 UTC 2012

Hi there!

I currently have 2 embedded machines connected to a Garmin 18 LVC and a Sure GPS board.

They are NTP servers for my company's LAN and I, at the moment, I get sub-ms accuracy over the LAN.

Everything is fine but I am a bit worried about the GPS reliability because GPS is ruled by the USA. Would a GPS disciplined oscillator solve any potential problems? A receiver for GLONASS, even though I did not find any at a reasonable price, would be better?

An iridium oscillator calibrated, regularly by GPS?

Too many questions... but in the end I would like to know what is the best path that I could follow after these GPS receivers.

Many thanks!


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