[time-nuts] GLONASS receiver

Marek Peca marek at duch.cz
Sun Aug 5 21:53:33 UTC 2012

Hello, Miguel,

[sorry for replying to 2nd e-mail, accidentally deleted the original msg]

>> Everything is fine but I am a bit worried about the GPS reliability 
>> because GPS is ruled by the USA.

Me too, this is why I welcome upcoming expensive Galileo.

>> Would a GPS disciplined oscillator solve any potential problems? A 
>> receiver for GLONASS, even though I did not find any at a reasonable 
>> price, would be better?

What do you mean by "reasonable price" -- there are already Android 
smartphones supporting GPS & GLONASS fusion. Attachment of external 
antenna would be a challenge, indeed. Also, they may probably have no 1pps 
signal inside (but who knows). On the other hand, you may run your NTP 
time provider on the Android phone itself. If you are worried about Java 
(Dalvik) VM jitter, let's run in under ARM based Linux native code.


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