[time-nuts] web presentation of data

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 6 15:34:10 UTC 2012

what would be useful is to have some sort of "plotting engine" that is a 
canned webpage (or stored locally on the user/client computer) that can 
ingest fairly raw data from a URL..

something, conceptually, like this:

*invocation of plotting engine*

data value 1
data value 2
data value 3


that way, a relatively dumb controller (think arduino-ish) could talk to 
the instrument and build a web page on the fly without having to do much 
formatting.  The java/javascript/whathaveyou would do all the plotting 
work on the client side (where, presumably, they have a display and some 
computational horsepower to drive it)

A low end microcontroller has no problem serving readonly pages from 
flash/SD, it just has a tough time doing graphics.

And, if you wanted the raw data, you serve up a page called "raw.html" 
or something that just has the raw data.

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