[time-nuts] What size graphs do people like? (How big is yourscreen?)

mike cook mc235960 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 09:53:54 UTC 2012

Le 08/08/2012 11:00, Rex a écrit :
> Hal,
> I
> If you go to: http://validator.w3.org and enter your link into the 
> address field 
> (http://www.megapathdsl.net/~hmurray/time-nuts/coax/Front-5ns-800x600.svg) 
> then click Check, you will get a message that sort of explains the 
> situation, except I still don't know how to get the server configured 
> for for svg file => 'Content-Type: image/svg+xml'.
> So it seems most browsers are now ready for SVG, but many servers are 
> not. Maybe someone else can give us more details on what change might 
> be required. In the mean time it looks like I won't be using any SVG 
> on my pages either.
I don't use svg either, but the version of apache I have installed 
(2.2.19) does have svg listed in the mime types config  file.
# image/prs.pti
image/svg+xml                                   svg svgz
# image/t38
If your server is apache I think that uncommenting the line and 
restarting httpd should be enough. If you have a propriety server you 
may need to update something else.

Firefox accessing my server does display the graph correctly.

> -Rex , et la caravane passe.

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