[time-nuts] FTS 1200

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Fri Aug 10 01:39:11 UTC 2012

Thanks again I am calling it a night. Will let it soak over night and  
continue tests in the morning. Does any one have the oscillator circuit. With  
the connector on the bottom left to the right id something that looks like  
an adjustment screw,flat round flush with the surface and a screwdriver slot. 
 Will not touch it unless I know what it is.
Thanks again    Bert Kehren Miami
In a message dated 8/9/2012 8:58:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
jmiles at pop.net writes:

> In  a message dated 8/9/2012 8:07:24 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
>  bg at lysator.liu.se writes:
> Hi  Bert,
> So  the EFC does not work at all?  (or did I miss something   obvious?)
> /Björn
> > The unit starts high  and over 20 minutes  comes down to 4.9999975 with 
> > on  the EFC. Any voltage on pin 2 and  it quits oscillating.
> >  Bert

What happens to the current drain as the unit warms up?  Does  it fall off
after 5-10 minutes as expected?  If not, it sounds like  the oven controller
may be stuck on, overheating the crystal.  I'd  look into that possibility
sooner rather than later.

-- john,  KE5FX

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