[time-nuts] Fun with the Z3815

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Have you tried commanding a survey to get the receive to ignore the old 


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> HI all,
> I posted a question recently here for a friend re a Z3815 not receiving,
> having formerly been perfect.  Here's what he says now:
> " I've done more testing with my HP3815A. Firstly I rewired the coax cable
> between the external antenna connector and the PCB - there was some 
> evidence
> of snagging on the outside of the cable where it passes through the metal
> casing. However, no improvement in performance resulted. Also the blocking
> capacitor referred to turns out to be an inductor. DC is making it through
> to the antenna amp, and there is continuity along the whole route from
> N-connector to the Furuno GPS receiver input.
> The status screen on Hyperterminal shows that something is happening,
> however. The SYNCHRONIZATION section on the display showed outputs 
> invalid,
> TFOM = 9 and FFOM = 3 (i.e. no sync). But the ACQUISITION section showed
> that although no satellites had been tracked, several had been detected - 
> in
> fact 9 of them.  Also, the correct date and time were displayed. The LAT 
> and
> LONG data was incorrect, being the original northern hemisphere figures.
> Health monitor reads OK and there are no ALARMS. So the receiver appears 
> to
> be picking up enough information to show the satellites' PRN, EL and AZ 
> (and
> furthermore they change between readings) as well as the date and time.
> What's more the time displayed is local time!"
> Any suggestions as to what's going on?
> Morris
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