[time-nuts] T-Bolt output harmonics

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sun Aug 12 23:24:32 UTC 2012

> >10MHz   +9dbm
> >20MHz    -50dbm
> >30MHz   -37dbm
> >no obvious higher harmonics
> >broad noise envelope at 60 > 75MHz @  -60dbm peak
> >
> >Are these results typical or might I have an adjustment or other problem?

I seem to have missed the part where it's explained why anyone cares about
the harmonic content of their 10 MHz source...?  Don't worry about it, it's
pretty much irrelevant.  Harmonic filters can only hurt phase stability.

> My noise floor was about -80 dBm (~ -90 dBc).  I saw nothing else
> above this floor from DC to 150 MHz except for 60 Hz (at -83
> dBc).  Surprisingly, the power line harmonics were all below the noise

Or they were cancelled by running the TBolt and spectrum analyzer from the
same AC circuit.  That's tripped me up before.

-- john, KE5FX

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