[time-nuts] T-Bolt Temperature

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Thu Aug 16 02:32:11 UTC 2012

>I have two Thunderbolts that I'm monitoring with 
>Lady Heather.  The temperature on the older unit 
>(MFG 2/26/2004) seems to track the 
>environment.  The newer one (MFG 11-24-2004) 
>shows 44.750000 °C and only changes in increments of exactly 1°.

Sounds like the newer one has the newer 
temperature sender chip (DS1620).  Briefly, the 
chip manufacturer changed the innards and the 
high-resolution display feature.  Trimble did not 
update the Tbolt, but continued to use the newer 
version of the chip.  IIRC, chip revisions prior 
to E work properly in the Tbolt, while Rev. E 
(and later, if such exist) do not.  The cure is 
to replace the IC with an older revision chip.

The archive has lots of information on this.

Best regards,


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