[time-nuts] Advice on Austron 1250A

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Sun Aug 19 01:23:45 UTC 2012

Does anyone in the group have any experience or advice on the Austron 1250A 
Crystal Frequency Standard?  I have a chance to buy one for $250 tomorrow at 
a local hamfest, but can't find anything in the archives on them.  It's very 
clean, and the seller says that it is in perfect working order.  He's local 
to the area, so I can easily get back with him in case of troubles.
I have a PDF of the manual, so maintenance shouldn't be a problem (barring 
parts unavailability).
Good deal, or pass it up for a lower priced unit?  Or recommendations for a 
different mfr/model?  Price is a consideration; that's one of the reason I'm 
interested in this unit.

Manual states long-term stability of <5x10e-11 per day after 90 days.

Thanks for advice,
Dave M

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