[time-nuts] Advice on Austron 1250A

WB6BNQ wb6bnq at cox.net
Sun Aug 19 02:06:56 UTC 2012

Hi Dave,

The Austron 1250 is a very close look alike to the hp-105 Quartz standard.  A
decent quartz oscillator is certainly worth having besides the usual Tbolt GPS or
Rb type references.  The Austron will certainly be a "quieter" signal then the
Tbolt or Rb oscillators for short (<1 to 10 seconds) averaging times.

Of course we all would like the lowest price.  If the unit is truly working
properly, I don't think the price is too terribly high.  The only major drawback
is the actual oscillator "can" inside the unit is a sealed device which I believe
is the Austron 1150A Sulzer unit.  It makes repairing it, should it fail, harder
to do.  However, it can be replaced with a hp-10811 type oscillator unit, having
similar characteristics, without too much trouble.

Consider that a hp-10811 oscillator can be had for between $50 and upwards to
$150, the $250 is not a bad price.  Especially when you consider that the
hp-10811 is just the oscillator and would need the inclusion of a cabinet, power
supply and other supporting harware, etc., to achieve the same versitility of the


Dave M wrote:

> Does anyone in the group have any experience or advice on the Austron 1250A
> Crystal Frequency Standard?  I have a chance to buy one for $250 tomorrow at
> a local hamfest, but can't find anything in the archives on them.  It's very
> clean, and the seller says that it is in perfect working order.  He's local
> to the area, so I can easily get back with him in case of troubles.
> I have a PDF of the manual, so maintenance shouldn't be a problem (barring
> parts unavailability).
> Good deal, or pass it up for a lower priced unit?  Or recommendations for a
> different mfr/model?  Price is a consideration; that's one of the reason I'm
> interested in this unit.
> Manual states long-term stability of <5x10e-11 per day after 90 days.
> Thanks for advice,
> Dave M
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