[time-nuts] Trimble T Lassen 2 - suitable antenna....advice.....questions

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 04:27:07 UTC 2012

It's a pain to capture on any scope, but really easy to see with an
LED across the output.  it's not bright, but definitely easy to see on
my tbolt.


On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 10:11 AM, Stephen Farthing <squirrox at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have a couple of Trimble T Lassen 2 boards I bought at a Hamfest -
> the guy told me they were left over from a contract he had and were
> brand new. He had a load and i bought a couple for use as a precision
> 1 PPS output for radio stuff. They were packed in static protection.
> When I apply power to both units I can hear the oscillator (12.504
> MHz) on my comms RX. So I am assuming that they work.
> I bought what claims to be a Trimble compatible active antenna on
> EBay. I hooked it up to one of the boards and applied power, and put
> the scope on the one pps pin. However after 20 mins (which I assume is
> much longer than the unit requires to get a lock) I see no 1pps trace
> on the screen. :-(
> So my working assumption is that the antenna is not working. The
> antenna position is fine as my elderly Garmin GPS2 which must be 12
> years old sees 6 satellites there.
> Can anyone recommend a suitable antenna? I have a number of DIY
> designs I can try (Patch, Turnstile) but the Trimble docs say it needs
> an active antenna so I guess I'll have to spend money :-(
> While i am on, can anyone suggest a reasonably priced unit that has a
> 1pps output, NMEA and a built in antenna. Because I want to use this
> with an 8 bit embedded system I am probably not going to be able to
> hack one of the many cheap USB dongle GPS's.
> Lastly, has anyone found a GPS that will work with an Ipad. What the
> man in the Apple shop failed to tell me was the non 3g model lacked
> the built in GPS :-(
> Thanks in advice....
> Steve
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