[time-nuts] HP-5065a bought and finally working!

Edgardo Molina xe1xus at amsat.org
Wed Aug 22 05:22:07 UTC 2012

Dear Group,

I wish you well.

Do you recall a message and thread about a month ago with my concerns about buying a used / unknown condition HP-5065a rubidium frequency standard? I bit the bullet and bought it. Almost mint condition (cosmetically speaking) and with several operational issues. 

Well, It took me several weeks to put it back to work. Several capacitors on several boards along with a couple of transistors and an IC were replaced. After that any being bored by the yellow light, it finally came off to allow a beautiful green lock condition light. I went through the necessary steps to tune it and calibrate it. Now, as I have been told recently. "You have been bitten by the Time Nuts bug." I am not complaining at all.

Now the technical issues if you kindly allow:

a. Does anybody have an HP-5065a manual for the latest versions? Mine (which I downloaded from the Internet) is intended for earlier versions. It seems I have one of the last produced units. I would kindly appreciate any help on this and I am willing to pay for time and expenses to anybody who could help. During the repair process I found several differences in the earlier versions design and had to figure out hoy mine works.

b. Is it possible to build a GPSDRb? I would like to know if it is reasonable to pursue the goal to discipline the 5065a with a TB which I also got recently. 

c. I am waiting for the delivery of a recent purchase. An HP-59309a Digital Clock to go with the HP 5065a. How I wish I could find the optional LED integrated optional clock and 1PPS output. Is my purchase a good match for the 5065a? Any other suggestions to drive a clock?

d. I am waiting also for de delivery of an HP-105b mint condition quartz frequency standard. Would a second 59309a make sense to use it with this quartz standard? Or just saving it for a Cesium? Anybody willing to sell a spare, dust gathering, clean unit to me?

e. Any suggestions for software of lab equipment to measure my experiments like AD, jitter, phase comparisons, etc?

While I wait I am doing some experiments with a FE Rb standard to discipline an Adret synthesiser to output 32.768 KHz to directly drive a Nixie clock kit I just finished building.

Your comments are surely welcome. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Edgardo Molina

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