[time-nuts] Trak 8821B ---- was Z3815A Internal SMA 10Mhz Output

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Wed Aug 22 08:12:42 UTC 2012

Hi Bjorn
Is yours also the cut down 2.084MHz version, or do you have a "proper"  
8821B with a more useful GPSDO frequency and all the outputs fitted?
I think this one was originally used in a trunked radio  system.
I've just checked and the fitted VP Oncore is  the B8121Z116, so perhaps 
the same module, but I'd forgotten until I  looked again that the unit is 
without the IRIG-B output as well  as the Low-Rate output that normally allows a 
variety of pre-set pulse rates,  hence my "cut down" comment.
The Low-Rate ouput speciification suggests some interesting  possibilities 
for experiments in conditioning other oscillators, as  amongst some very 
slow pulse rates it also offered an option of 1  MPPS.
Unfortunately, not only are the connectors not fitted but quite a lot of  
presumably associated PCB components in that area are also missing.
Do you have a manual for the 8821B?
I've only ever found a manual for the 8821A, although I suspect the  only 
significant difference may be the fitting of the larger B7A OCXO  to the 
8821B, which necessitated the height increase to 2U, but it would be nice  to be 
able to compare them.
In a message dated 21/08/2012 21:05:02 GMT Daylight Time, bg at lysator.liu.se 
Hi  Nigel,

Have one of those Trak 8821B too. It is a bit interesting since  the
Motorola Oncore VP inside mine has the Z option (phase  measurement).



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