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Brad Dye brad at braddye.com
Wed Aug 22 16:29:41 UTC 2012

Thought you guys might like to read this and maybe send them some more reports:

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> Have you posted any official news about WWV intermittently reporting the wrong time? I would like to include it in my newsletter. By the way, I have verified this by listening myself.
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> Dear Mr. Dye,
> We have not posted a report on WWV reporting the wrong time.  We have had only 1 outside suggestion that there was a broadcast of the wrong time and our investigation has not confirmed that.  We have found a low voltage on a power supply board feeding the voice which may have led to some problems, but that has now been replaced.  If you have further evidence or other reports concerning this matter we would appreciate that information.  You are only the second person to inquire about this issue.  We take this very seriously, but normally when there are mistakes or problems with our broadcast we receive dozens of reports immediatly.
> Please let us know and regards,
> John Lowe
> WWV Station Manager
> <john.lowe at nist.gov>

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