[time-nuts] Trak 8821B ---- was Z3815A Internal SMA 10Mhz Output

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Wed Aug 22 19:37:08 UTC 2012

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With regards to the Oncore VP carrier phase measurement option, I'm  not 
too sure that the 8821B does actually make use of that.
My 8821B, manufactured in 1999, does contain the 8 channel  Oncore VP 
B8121Z116 as I mentioned previously, and the 8821 data sheet  from 2004 does 
refer to all 8821 models as using an 8 channel receiver, but  the 8821A manual 
from 1997 refers to that as using a 6 channel  receiver.
Given that the only obvious difference between the 8821A and 8821B seems  
to be the oscillator module I'm assuming the change to the 8 channel  
receiver would have occured simultaneously for both versions, and am  wondering if 
that might not just have been based on availability rather  than to take 
advantage of any  technical enhancements.

Whoops, need to get better reading glasses!

It was a 2002 datasheet stated the 8821 used an 8 channel receiver  and in 
an October 2003 datasheet this had increased to 12 channels, I still  
suspect that these were changes inflicted by availability.



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