[time-nuts] Is this a cesium frequency standard?

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Thu Aug 23 08:17:55 UTC 2012

There's a seller on ebay by the name of
"electro-radio-device-high-precision", which have some odd things.
Some seem as if they would be 19th century items, but are sold as


I suspect his stuff was desgned for the Russian military. Everything
he sells is described as

"analog of Lutron, Advantest, Avtech, HP Agilent, NoiseCom, General
Radio, Boonton, Anritsu, Fluke and general Electric, but  has the same
or better characteristics."

I thought this one was interesting though


It has lots of knobs to twiddle, so it might be a cesium, though the
specs don't seem good enough for a cesium, with a relativa e error of
+/- 2 x 10^-11 at shipping. That seems more like a rubidium spec.

He has some bizzare stuff, like a power meter which works to 53 GHz,
but has banana plugs on it. I guess the sensor is connected to the
banana plugs, though he does not mention it needing an external


Some of his stuff seems very over priced, like a 400-1200 MHz sig gen
with an error of 1% for $1580, but other things seem quite reasonable.
If you need a sig gen at 70 GHz, he has them.

Anyway, its worth checking out his auctions, as he has some test
equipment which is very different from what one normally sees - and it
some cases to what one would want to see!


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