[time-nuts] HP-5065a bought and finally working!

Edgardo Molina xe1xus at amsat.org
Fri Aug 24 20:04:14 UTC 2012

Dear Bert,

Thank you for your always expert advise. I am receiving an HP 105B next week and for sure I will be doing some disciplining with the Thunderbolt. I just started to gather operational information on the 5065a to start a record. I also have been reading about those methods and also going deeper with your information.


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On Aug 22, 2012, at 4:18 PM, EWKehren at aol.com wrote:

> You can discipline a HP 5065A easily using a Shera with the  Tbolt  1 PPS 
> and a LTC 1655 DAC in stead of an AD 1861.
> Bert Kehren.
> In a message dated 8/22/2012 8:23:06 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
> jltran at att.net writes:
> Edgardo,
> Congrats on getting the 5065A up and  operational.  Make sure the A11 Board
> (Temperature Controller) is all  OK.  Failure there can destroy the A12 RVFR
> Assembly.  There is a  lot of 'expertise' on the list for this unit.
> What is the serial number  of your unit and what is the part number of the
> manual you have?
> I  have a couple of manuals and I may also have the 'change sheets'  that
> updates the manual to your serial number.  It may take me a while  to chase
> that down but if I have the 'change sheets', I can scan them and  send them
> to you.
> I have not heard of anyone 'disciplining' the  5065A by GPS, other than by
> hand from week to week.  However, the 105B  has a built in connection on the
> back that is great for that purpose  (negative slope, as I recall) and I 
> have
> done that using a Brooks Shera  controller board and the 1 PPS from my 
> TBolt.
> It works quite  well.
> Joe
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> Subject: [time-nuts] HP-5065a bought and finally  working!
> Dear Group,
> I wish you well.
> Do you recall a  message and thread about a month ago with my concerns about
> buying a used /  unknown condition HP-5065a rubidium frequency standard? I
> bit the bullet  and bought it. Almost mint condition (cosmetically speaking)
> and with  several operational issues. 
> Well, It took me several weeks to put it  back to work. Several capacitors 
> on
> several boards along with a couple of  transistors and an IC were replaced.
> After that any being bored by the  yellow light, it finally came off to 
> allow
> a beautiful green lock condition  light. I went through the necessary steps
> to tune it and calibrate it. Now,  as I have been told recently. "You have
> been bitten by the Time Nuts bug."  I am not complaining at all.
> Now the technical issues if you kindly  allow:
> a. Does anybody have an HP-5065a manual for the latest versions?  Mine 
> (which
> I downloaded from the Internet) is intended for earlier  versions. It seems 
> I
> have one of the last produced units. I would kindly  appreciate any help on
> this and I am willing to pay for time and expenses  to anybody who could
> help. During the repair process I found several  differences in the earlier
> versions design and had to figure out hoy mine  works.
> b. Is it possible to build a GPSDRb? I would like to know if it  is
> reasonable to pursue the goal to discipline the 5065a with a TB which I  
> also
> got recently. 
> c. I am waiting for the delivery of a recent  purchase. An HP-59309a Digital
> Clock to go with the HP 5065a. How I wish I  could find the optional LED
> integrated optional clock and 1PPS output. Is  my purchase a good match for
> the 5065a? Any other suggestions to drive a  clock?
> d. I am waiting also for de delivery of an HP-105b mint  condition quartz
> frequency standard. Would a second 59309a make sense to  use it with this
> quartz standard? Or just saving it for a Cesium? Anybody  willing to sell a
> spare, dust gathering, clean unit to me?
> e. Any  suggestions for software of lab equipment to measure my experiments
> like  AD, jitter, phase comparisons, etc?
> While I wait I am doing some  experiments with a FE Rb standard to 
> discipline
> an Adret synthesiser to  output 32.768 KHz to directly drive a Nixie clock
> kit I just finished  building.
> Your comments are surely welcome. Thank you!
> Kind  regards,
> Edgardo  Molina
> Mexico
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