[time-nuts] ET-6000 firmware

Robert Watzlavick rocket at watzlavick.com
Sun Aug 26 03:03:34 UTC 2012

I finally got a flash programmer so I uploaded all three ROM images 
(TCXO, OCXO, Rub) for the Datum ET-6000 / 9390-6000 to the KO4BB 
website.  Last year I sent them 3 chips and asked for all the variants 
so I could play with converting my TCXO unit to an OCXO unit (and 
potentially a Rubidium some day).  I think the images are in the upload 
folder awaiting their final home.

This latest firmware addresses the GPS date problem.

DT103E = Rubidium

Some guy is selling DT101E chips on eBay for $50 (sorry if you're on the 


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