[time-nuts] {OT} e-mail testing only....

Brian, WA1ZMS wa1zms at att.net
Tue Aug 28 00:13:03 UTC 2012

Just testing.


My cloud/web based AT&T e-mail address book was hacked.

AT&T now has e-mail servers run by Yahoo. Drat!


Yahoo has a gaping security hole.  My PW was not

hacked, but my address book in "cloud" storage was

used to send out spam. It was not a full copy of my

real address book, but enough to cause me much

damage control effort today.


All PWs have been changed yet again to be sure, but the

cloud address book has also been deleted.  So much for web-

based or cloud based address books.  Back to local PC

and iPhone only address books for me. No iCloud either.



I am embarrassed. 


My first and only hack in 20+ years of e-mail. So I guess

I was overdue. Yahoo/AT&T today. When will G-Mail get hit? :- )


Life in a modern spam rich world.



-Brian, WA1ZMS


(If you don't see this signature line, it's not me.

Just delete it please.)


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