[time-nuts] Datum 1000B's any hints ?

Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Tue Aug 28 02:53:27 UTC 2012

Thanks..  That seems like a good next step.

(Just to add to this, all three of the units have functional trim pots and two of three units will easily adjust to the correct frequency.)
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> without any EFC I would expect it to be 1 Hz low. If less
> than 5 Volt  will 
> get it on frequency I would use a 78L12 from your main
> supply followed by a 
>  TI REF02. Worked for me.
> Bert Kehren
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> mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
> writes:
> Wondering if anyone has any practical suggestions as to
> the  operation of 
> stand alone Datum 1000B's.    Over the last 6
> months or  so I've acquired 3 
> of them and I haven't been that impressed with their 
> performance.   I've got 
> a nicely running FTS 1050 and an 8600 series  bva along
> with time lab and 
> some HP5370's so I'm reasonably confident in my 
> references and test setup.   
> I've been powering them from  stand alone linear power
> supplies with 
> separate supply and return leads for  the oven and
> electronics and have left them 
> alone for several weeks at a  time.   I
> haven't touched the efc input yet 
> and am wondering if  leaving that floating could be
> causing issues.   I also 
> tried  running one of them from my stand alone 24 volt
> battery system which 
> didn't  seem to help.
> They all seem to be gradually getting better over time 
> but I'm thinking 
> either I have three duds or there is something basic
> I'm  missing (ie. perhaps 
> I need to connect the efc input ?).  I'm also 
> wondering what if anything 
> to connect the case ground to.
> The most  promising of the bunch from an adev
> perspective is also off 
> frequency by  approx a hz or so but seems to be slowly
> drifting towards the 
> correct  value.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Regards Mark  Spencer.
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