[time-nuts] Lucent RTGm-II-XO Slow Acquisition

Jerry jsternmd at att.net
Tue Aug 28 04:28:27 UTC 2012

I have a RTGm-II-XO and it takes quite some time to acquire the minimum 4
satellites.  Using the same Symmetricom antenna with my Thunderbolt, it
acquires 6-8 satellites in 15-20 mins while the RTGm-II-XO takes 60 minutes
and sometimes much longer where I have power cycled it to get it out of
warm-up.  On power-up, the red alarm goes off within 15mins as programmed.
I have preset my GPS coordinates using the RS-422 interface and Lucent
software and set the coax length as well. The antenna voltage is correct at
4.9vdc and the antenna is drawing about 25 ma.  The Lucent software shows
correct XO voltages per the manual.  Any advice appreciated. 

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