[time-nuts] HP5065A Repairable?

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The connector you are looking for to connect to an external DC supply can be
found relatively inexpensively from Galco.



They are circular connectors.  I don't remember the specific part number but
I can find it if you need it.  You have to order the connector, the cable
clamp, and rubber cable relief separately, if I recall correctly.


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Dear Ron,

Good morning. I just finished rebuilding a not so beaten 5065a. The physics
package is ok. It is one of the later units. I had to spend several weeks
working on power supplies, regulators and changing every single capacitor on
the boards for security matters as no capacitor was showing the required
specs. After that I replaced an IC commonly available, several transistors,
cleaned inside-out and voila! It is working as good as new. Well I think I
am exaggerating a little bit, but I still hold the hight spirits for it to
perform like this for the years to come. Or should I say months? Knock on

Once repaired I went to the cosmetics, I got matched beige paint to cover
some dings and small scratches. Cleaned everything with Windex and a
Rubidium and water don't get along and even if the physics package is
completely sealed please do not take any chances.

After that I used Scotch 3M dish cleaner sponge with the green abrasive felt
to clean and renew the appearance of the aluminium trim. It looks like new.
A little Dremel soft polishing wheel and all the screw heads are like new,
also connectors to keep everything in original state. For the main control
and adjustment area I used a jeweller silver cleaning cloth. It is very soft
on delicate metallic surfaces and cleans/shines at the same time. In short I
got a new looking unit.

I payed less than $800 USD for it along with spare parts, cleaning material
and a visit to my electronics guru who guided me through testing of the
oscillator and checking everything to original specs in his lab. 

I love having the 5065a. It is just a fine toy which also gives pride of
ownership. Best if it is performing like it should. I wish I could find
another one. Better equipped. Mine is barebones without any option. I still
have to get the Bendix looking DC power connector to use a decent DC battery
backup. My model is also the one that could use the digital led clock on the
right hand side of the instrument. I bought an HP 59309a digital clock to
match it and finally see some integrated frequencies as time.

If you need any other information I could possibly share, please feel free
to contact me anytime. There is a lot of expertise in this fine group for HP
rubidiums. I bet Corby Dawson could jump into the scene. He has been very
kind to me offering his experience in 5065a repair and reconstruction. I
better keep his contact information close to the night table in case
nightmares visit me tonight.

Cheers and please share your experiences whenever you are ready to take the


Edgardo Molina
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On Aug 28, 2012, at 9:57 PM, "Ron Ward" <n6idlron at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi:
> I have been thinking about purchasing a HP5065A Rubidium Frequency 
> Standard.
> Are all of the "critical" parts still available for them?
> What is a reasonable price for one?
> What usually goes wrong with them?
> Would I be better off  to just purchase a SRS PRS-10?
> Any ideas and input would be greatly appreciated!!!
> Thanks,
> Ron
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