[time-nuts] maybe OT: GLONASS

Kenton A. Hoover kenton at nemersonhoover.org
Fri Apr 4 02:43:49 UTC 2014

They apparently uploaded bad ephemeris data to the system and confused the receivers. It took them about 12 hours to straighten it out.    

---Kenton A. Hooverkenton at nemersonhoover.org+1 415 830 5843

I do not have a GLONASS receiver running at home at

this time, but the media reported a total GLONASS

outage a day or so ago.  Was it real or just rumor?


A co-worker in the lab at my day-job says he "thinks"

he caught a GLONASS RX acting badly.


Just technical curiosity.  

Sorry for BW.


-Brian, WA1ZMS/4



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