[time-nuts] Acam TDC's

Javier Herrero jherrero at hvsistemas.es
Mon Apr 7 17:35:51 UTC 2014

On 07.04.2014 18:51, Dan Kemppainen wrote:
>> At which resolution do you wish to get 40Msps? Tell me the single-shot
>> jitter figure. So far we had only several ksps of throughput in our TDC
>> circuit, but the bottleneck lies within a computer interface.
>> Anyway, it is not an easy task to get some 200MB/s into the computer in a
>> sustained fashion. (And to process such amounts of data in real time is
>> hard, too.)
> The plan was to pair it with a FPGA to make decisions on the data. The
> result of the decisions would have been passed further down the digital
> signal chain. In order to achieve what we needed to see, we would have
> had to measure time with a resolution on the order of 50pS, at a rate of
> 30 to 40 million times per second.
> Eventually we went to a high bandwidth analog system, and were able
> achieve our goals. It would have been nice to do it digitally, though.
> That was a few years ago, and it feels like ancient history now! :)
Nowadays you could use the TSH788 from TI, 200Msps @ 13ps if I remember 
well. Once was commented on the list, and I've one piece lying around, 
but have not yet found time to play with it.



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