[time-nuts] Adafruit (MT3339) problems today

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Thu Apr 10 21:48:56 UTC 2014

My Adafruit has gone walkabout again.  This is a different unit than the one I spoke about some months ago.  It's been about 150 ft from my actual location, which has, of course, made a mess of my GPSDO.  Well, at least it verified my "unlock" code.  I did a POR and it seemed to come home, but now it's off to the races again.  Has anyone else seen this behavior with this device?  The only particular anomaly I can see is that it uses satellites close to the horizon for position fixing.I'm getting a reported SNR of 39 at 5 degrees elevation and 37 at 3 degrees, though I notice the sat at 3 degrees is not being used to calculate position.  I never got around to finishing the choke ring antenna with those pie pans.  Maybe that needs to move higher on my priority list.

Bob - AE6RV

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