[time-nuts] ARM boards for low-cost GPSDOs

Alberto di Bene dibene at usa.net
Thu Apr 10 22:02:45 UTC 2014

On 4/10/2014 11:38 PM, Hal Murray wrote:

> Does anybody have a favorite low-cost ARM board?  I'm looking for a simple
> Arduino like setup rather than something that runs Linux.  The idea is to get
> 32 bit counters so a bunch of the recent discussion can be ingnored.


I can't recommend warmly enough the Discovery board from STM.
It sports a Cortex ARM M4F that can run at 180 MHz, has a native
IEEE compliant floating point core, 2MB flash and 256 kB RAM,
and a wealth of interesting peripherals on chip, TFT display touch
enabled included.  And at 23.52 USD is cheaper than a much
less powerful Arduino...

I implemented on it a fully featured SDR, without using any opsys,
talking directly to the bare metal using the Keil IDE/compiler.
A joy to use. Look here :


73  Alberto  I2PHD

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