[time-nuts] Jitter Definition

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Thu Apr 17 10:29:20 UTC 2014

Check also JEDEC standard 65B <http://www.jedec.org/sites/default/files/docs/jesd65b.pdf> cited in a SiTime doc <http://www.sitime.com/support2/documents/AN10007-Jitter-and-measurement.pdf> describes the types.

Le 17 avr. 2014 à 04:54, HagaaarTheHorrible a écrit :

> Hello there,
> I tried searching the archives (and google, IEEE, NIST, ITU), but didn't really find a satisfying answer, so I thought I'd ask directly.
> In short:
> Is there any kind of standard definition for Jitter which is commonly accepted? 
> I (think I) understood Jitter and phase noise by now, yet I need to give some references in my bachelor's thesis, so I'm looking for a definition. So far I haven't found a real definition of the different "types" (RMS,p2p,c2c,...) and components(RJ,DJ) of Jitter, but I guess there must be some kind of accepted standard!?
> If anyone could point me to some "official sources" which are "accepted in the industry", I'd be very grateful.
> Thanks in advance and best regards
> Hag
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