[time-nuts] NTP and Oncore UT+

Paul tic-toc at bodosom.net
Sun Apr 20 02:36:26 UTC 2014

On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 9:18 PM, Bob Stewart <bob at evoria.net> wrote:

> Somehow I missed that page in all the times I looked through the Oncore
> manuals I have.  I see various commands to tell it to change this or change
> that, but no clear path on how to talk to a UT+ that is mute but not
> bricked.

You could just reference the NTP refclock driver.  It determines the model
and does appropriate initialization.  It's a bit more flexible than some
drivers since it uses a configuration file rather than just a mode
selector.  I suspect the sawtooth data is in the special status "file".

 * Driver for some of the various the Motorola Oncore GPS receivers.
 *   should work with Basic, PVT6, VP, UT, UT+, GT, GT+, SL, M12, M12+T
 *      The receivers with TRAIM (VP, UT, UT+, M12+T), will be more accurate
 *         than the others.
 *      The receivers without position hold (GT, GT+) will be less accurate.

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